Thursday, November 27, 2014


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I don't understand../ Thanksgiving...

 I just don't understand... how does destroying your neighborhood bring justice to your cause? How does gutting out a store, looting those stores.. ruining the very person who brings you products you need for your daily life, employs your neighbors.... how is this justice for anyone. I just don't get it.. Even when the family ask you NOT to do it... these are not protesters, these are thugs.

I don't understand why there has to be riots.. Some will say, you don't live there, you haven't lived their lives.  And that is so true.. but I still don't understand why they want to burn down their neighborhood.  Who is going to pay for all of this?
Surely not the people who did it.. and it would not be out of line to say, some won't, the ones who did it because they aren't even residents of that city. So they won't
be paying the taxes, that have to replace it.  And WHY did the people who lives in Seattle, and I am sure there are other cities.. decide they too had the right to riot as well.. doing damage.

Of course I will be called a racist for saying.. how many riots have we had with the murder of ANY white person.. Where was the riot and injustice of the runner from Australia, who was murdered in our country? Where was the people
who were horrified by that.  Time and time again there are people killed by blacks and no one riots.  Whites don't seem to like to burn their neighborhood to show their disgust. 

To me, all those people who rioted, burnt, beat people up.... have disgraced one of their leaders. Those who march on January 16th each year, and were there causing damage.. Martin Luther King has to be rowing in his grave. That was not how he did it...  He made changes by protesting
quietly. But speaking up, but not burning up..
 I just don't understand.. guess I will never understand..

1. I am thankful that I don't live in Buffalo in 6 feet of snow and now the threat of flooding as that snow melts. My heart goes out to them.

2. I am thankful that I don't live in cities like Ferguson, Mo.. where people have no respect for others.. both sides...  Where their only way to protest is by doing damage.. We have protest here, where people stand on the side of the road, with signs.. we might not like the signs.. but we respect their side. So there fore I am grateful for living where I do.. with the great people of my county.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving,
with friends and family.. full of good food and
lots of laughter.. see you next week.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have you ever noticed?

I have noticed when you see a man on television, especially
government officials.. they wear a charcoal grey  or black suit. Rarely if ever a brown or tan one.

News reporters also wear suits.. usually the black or grey...
There was a man who just came out, that was in broadcasting business as a reporter or anchor.  He wore the same suit every day for a year... No one noticed.

Women wear all kinds of colors.  Dresses, business suits, skirts and blouses.. flowers, stripes, spots, and even dots. And of course get remarks about such.

It seems like the only statement a man can make is ...his tie.
The thing I wondered, did he change ties? The guy who wore
the same suit every time for a year. 

I notice ties, guess because that is all there is to notice with
guys.  As I watched yesterday, with the President, Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden,  I wondered did they know what color tie the other were going to wear? As Biden and Hagel's matched..... purple.
The President had what appeared to be a black and grey mix.

Red seems to be the one most like. Yellow is a rarity. So next
time you are bored when you see the politicians or even the
reporters on, check out the tie color.

1. I am telling you, that I am thankful for my life.. the bumps,
which made me strong.. the highs that gave me strength to
continue on... the sadness, that has kept me humble, and the
 joys, of the people I know.. that makes life worth while...

2. I am thankful for my friends.. I don't make friends easily. I
have a lot of acquaintances. But I have two handfuls of friends.
A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are. Some
one you can count on, and you for them. And those friends last for years.. many years... I don't take them for granted. I am humble that they let me call them friends.. for which I am

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why can't we just get along...

We all live in towns or cities. We live in a neighborhood.
We have neighbors either on one side or two sides. Some are
a block away, some are acres away.

We live our lives in our own home. And so do our neighbors.
We all have a head of household in those homes, as they do
in theirs. 99% of us, have no interest in how the other house
hold go about their business.  Because it is none of our business.
And we wouldn't want them to them to tell us how to run our
household.  Yet, we like that neighbor and his family.
We get along, even if we aren't best friends... we get along
and if they are having trouble, we help out.  Even if their
belief about life is different from ours. Even if they run
their household way different than we do. We get along
by not trying to change them.. but letting everyone live
their own lives as they so chose.

So why can't countries be the same?  And why can't
religions be the same. Why can't we let each and
every religion, run their place of worship as they see
fit. And they let us run our religion as we see fit,
without trying to change how they or we do our ways?

Pretty simple, right?  But it sure would be nice.. And
it isn't just the other religions... it is the Christians as
well.  Our churches here send over missionaries to
change other countries minds about their religion.

Some do go over and help out, and if asked will
tell about  their religion.. but most of them try to
change their minds.  And that is just as bad as
some of them trying to kill Christians because
they aren't Muslims or what ever religion they

We need to live and let live.. and mine our own


In the spirit of this week.. with THANKSGIVING.. 
I am going to try to think of at least 2 things I am
thankful for...
1. I am thankful for my family. Each and every
one of them.. Husband, children(even the ones 
I don't get along with) , grandchildren
great grandchildren, Aunts, cousins, and in laws. 

2. I am thankful that God has kept me healthy. 
And so far, of sound mind and able to do most things. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So there I was.. whipping thru the negatives with
my new toy..  Took me about 2 hours or so, after
figuring out what I did wrong in the first place.
As I could download the negative but was having
problems getting the positive.. the picture.

Ok, so I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer
when it comes to electronics. Usually I have
to have my grandson come over and set things
up, but he moved to Hawaii.  So now it is my
daughter. But this was a little box.. so how
hard can it be?

After trial and error, I finally got it.. And off I
went.. whipping thru those 135's like I knew
what I was doing.  Sharing the pictures... This
is a snap, I said to myself...

Then it happen.. in my sharing, I am sending
out pictures left and right.. Everyone is happy.
BUT they start to notice something with a few
of the pictures.. Well, let's see if you can tell
the difference?

In case you didn't notice.. which by the way
there were some people who jumped on
this right away... In the one set, it was the
backwards letters.. well, actually it worked
that way in both sets.. just one was on a
shirt. I didn't notice it.. so goes to show
I look at the over all picture and others look
at details.  Did you figure it out? Look at 
my brother's shirt..the letters. Then the
awning in the horse pictures. 
I put the negatives in backwards, so the
pictures came out backwards. Oh, well,
life is a learning lesson, no matter how

old you get.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My New Toy

We all have at least one of these...
If it isn't a box, then it is a bag, or a drawer.
Full of negatives...

I have tried over the years to see what is on
these and are they even worth keeping..
I have had one of those lights that you put
the negatives strips on it and it lights it up,
but it is still small.. you are are looking at
a negative, not a picture...

Then I saw one of these about a year ago,
and just missed a sale at Costco for one.

Two weeks ago, when it was raining cats and
dogs, I got the box out and tried to look at the
envelopes that the negatives were in.. from the
store and tried to put them in bags by years.
70's, 80's, 90's and etc.  And as I trip over
the box a couple of times.. I thought I would
look and see what I could find.

Well, here it is.. it arrived yesterday.. and I
download 149 pictures.. some were old ones
I remember and some I didn't.  It was tiring
enough after 2 hours of download. But I was
revived when I put the card into my computer
and up pops up pictures..  some of them
fade from the years.. but still worthy.

After putting them in folders for each subject,
then it was share time. And have had fun

But this is just the start. As I was working on
the 1970 bag.. and there are more but they
are 110, where the ones I did were 135.
And I still have the 80's, 90's, 00's bags..
yet to do.

I need to order a 110 slide.. don't know why
they didn't have that instead of the slide one.
But that is ok.. this is going to make a heck
of a winter project.

Right after I get done with Thanksgiving dinner
planning and getting supplies and cooking it.
And then after Christmas baking the first two
weeks of December, which is flying up here soon.

But I am excited.. Don't know what I ever did with
my 1960's negatives.. probably got lost in all the
moving deals. 

So if you see one of these and wonder if it is worth
it to get.. the answer is yes, as it turns the negative
to a picture in the box.. and then saves it on the card
which you put in your computer and wha la.. bingo...

you have prints.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I have decided that Monday's should be a day of rain..

I have come to this decision because, I need a day
to put aside to do all my serious stuff.  You know
like pay the bills, get the laundry done, vacuum
the floors, and scrub the rest of them.  And what
better day to do that, but a crappy raining day.
Not just a rainy day, but one of pour down rain.
Maybe thru in a bit of wind. The kind of day, you
don't want to leave the house.  And Monday,
the day after the weekend.. is an ideal day.

That leaves the rest of week to do the things
you like.. The walk in the park, yard work in
the summer. All things outdoors. And in the
winter, all good things inside the house, or
to leave to have lunch with friends..

Yep, I declare Monday's to be the day of
pour down rain... Wonder if God would

go along with that?

Monday, November 17, 2014


This is the time of the year that the volunteers start building
up the supplies of toys for the kids whose parents don't have
or have very little resources for toys for the kids.

In our town, it is the Lions Club that takes on this huge
responsibility.  And huge it is.. and in this day and age it is
more so.  Especially the last 4 years. It isn't just the toys,
it is also food for Christmas dinner.  When I was working,
the company that I worked for .. use to give us turkeys
for Christmas.  Luckily about a week or so before.. As I
use to donate mine to the Lions club.  One year it was
just as the Lions club was passing out the supplies.

As I walked up there, there was a very long line.
I had my grandson with me.. and he was about 10.
I went to the garage part of the building the Lions club
has, told the gentlemen of which I was giving.. and was
greeted with joy as they were getting close to running out.  
As we walked back to the car, my grandson asked why
were all those people there and standing in line to get inside. 
When I told him, that all those adults had small children..
and because jobs had laid off a lot of people that year..
That they were there, because the Lions Club and all those
who help them, give out free food and toys for their kids. 
All those people, he asked?  I said yes, and he said WOW.
I didn't know.

TOYS FOR TOTS, started out in the late 1940's
by a Marine, who got his reserve unit to collect
toys for kids.. they did, ....over 5000 toys.. first
one was a home made doll... and that was the
start. For many years, movie stars and even Walt
Disney, got involved. Walt is who came up with the
poster with the train on it.. and for many years
the Marines did this.. with help from local citizens.
The toys were always collected locally, for local
kids.  Some where down the road.. where Marines
Reserves were not available.. the Lions Club picked
up the banner. And there could be others.. but it is
the Lions Club in our town..

So if you see a benefit that helps the Toys for Tots, like
the turkey bingo, as the local mall has about this time
of the year, or just want to write a check, donate some
new toys... please feel free to help out.. Do it for the kids.

No matter what you might think about why the parents
are there.. it is the kids who will benefit from this.  Also
if you have some time and want to help out.. you don't
have to become a Lions Club member, they are always
glad to have people help out with the receiving of the
cases of food that is donated by stores, or that they
buy with the money donated. And the toys as they
come in, and need to be placed by ages on the shelves
they have there. 

You will usually see a donation thermometer on the front
page of any given newspaper, and they will have where
you can send it.. Ours also has a bank or some other place
that accepts donation checks in behalf of the Lions Club. Or
even the Marine Reserves, who started this years ago.  You can
donate in the name of your love ones.. It is one of the few
charities that I do donate to..  Remember the donations
are local and kept local.

And if you are a Mom or Dad and having a tough year,
contact your local TOYS FOR TOTS...organization,
and get your kids ages on the list with your name. If
you know a family.. who is having a rough time, you
can tell the organization their name.

REMEMBER, IT IS FOR THE KIDS... help out the

local chapter of TOYS for TOTS.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mental awareness

Mental awareness, with Robin Williams
death, people were woken up to it even more...

Mental awareness.... to use a term for gathering all types..
varies in such a wide scope.  There is the little, fairly
easy to deal with insecurities.  Just knowing what it is.. knowing how to get around it.  This is the minority of mental problems. but then again, maybe because it is easier to deal with, no one talks about it, so very few know about it. But could be more wide spread then one would think.

 I have talked about my own, which is so small....small enough to be able to deal with it. At least 90% of the time. I usually know what it is, talk myself out what it is.. and how to deal with it. 
It is an anxiety type.  It is where I think it is a great idea to go
do something it in town or out of town.. but when the actual day comes.. I have this extreme dread. Most of the time I can talk myself into going..  But the further it is away from Idaho the worse the dread is.. and I just can't do it.. It cost me a trip to see my brother before he passed away in July. Even though we had talked about how we would not make the trip across country for each other's funeral or too see each other on a death bed.. it still ate at me. But not enough to get over the dread every time I thought about going to see him before he got so bad. 

I don't know what I dread. It isn't because I think I will have
an accident. It isn't because I fear a vehicle break down.
I don't know.. I can't explain it.. it reminds me of when we
had a horse years ago, that would dive for the barn when
we were exercising him.. a barn rat of sorts. But I can't
explain it.  I have two sister in laws who are close to the same and one brother in law.. Also my mother was like that as well. 

Mine is such a small thing from those who have great fears.
Those who have great depression.. There is the ones that
require help. Therapies. Some times they work, some times
they don't.  Some work for a while, some people end up going to therapist for their whole life. And some sadly commit suicide.

A lot of people don't understand... they figured you just deal
with it and get over yourself... but it isn't that easy. And
there is really no way someone who suffers so much can
describe how they feel.. or what starts it.. and it takes a
strong support group.. be it professional or family. And
even then they some times lose the battle.

I don't have the answers.. I don't think any one does.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I know I have been putting off getting use to the fact
winter is coming.. been in denial ...big  time.. Heck
I finally gave up the shorts last week.

But holy cow, talk about fools rush in, with huge winds
and cold..  Tuesday just kept getting worse as the
day went on.  Ken had an doctors appointment at
4:30pm... and I could have swore that we were in
Alaska in mid January.  The wind blew so bad it
felt like my bones froze without touching the

They say we will have 3 or 4 days of this and then
returning to almost 40 degrees by next Monday.
That this is just to break us in..

All I know is, that I got to find my mid winter
jacket, as the warm jacket (usually) didn't cut
it yesterday.

And I can't  complaint too much, after all the
mid-west is far worse than us.. and they have
been getting snow.. at least what little sprinkle
we had is nothing to what they are getting..
So got to be grateful for small favors