Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Practicing for HELL...

We had a lot of 90+ weather about 2 weeks ago and the last week we
had a nice cool off week.  My kind of weather.. 72 to low 80's.

90+ is not my kind of weather.. I end up having the house like a cave.
All the windows curtains are pulled and if it is really bad, I turn on the
AC.  And that is where I am today.. suppose to be 99 here in Idaho.

Some areas are having over 100.. I don't do 100+.. that is when I really
hibernate..   When the King went down to help his brother paint his
house, it was 108 to 112.. he couldn't get out of there fast enough.

That is what I call, practicing for HELL... for those who think maybe
Hell isn't as bad as they think it could be.. and if they don't make it to
Heaven, then it isn't so bad... But I think a week of 100+ will change
their minds and ways...

We are promised 94 and up for the next 6 days... that is even too hot
to go fishing.. I guess I could break down and go swimming.. haven't
been this year..  The lake is always too cold for me.. I am not like I
use to be, when I was young, run and jump in.. and going in easy is
more painful.  but I might just  take a chance on it tomorrow, or
maybe this afternoon.. First I have to find my bathing suit. ah, heck
where are my shorts and tank top..

So enjoy the weather.. and remember.. it is a lot worse else where.
AND, as my mother use to say.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Monday, July 28, 2014

When did you lose your sexiness?

You know ... when you were 16 or 17... ok, so now it is 13.. but
in my day it was 16 or17... when you dressed to impress others..
especially the opposite sex.    You thought you were HOT, HOT, HOT.
At least 90% of the teens did.. and probably still do.

Now we see women who are in the late stages of life.. and they are
still sexy. Sophia Loren comes to mind.  And there are a lot of women in their 50's and 60's who are..

But for the general population of women over 50, do you still feel sexy?
How about you men?

Or are you the type who come home from work, put on your sweats
and do chores, or sit on the couch?  Maybe sleep in your sweats in

the winter?  Or are you still dressing sexy for your spouse? 

Or are you one of those, that no matter what you wear, your spouse
seriously considers you sexy?  Remember we are talking about men
and women over 50. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

And the WIND BLEW..

This is one of my 
flying items that is now on the ground before flying upside down

nope the kids didn't do this... lol

 Highway 200 had leaves and tiny branches all over it..

One branch got close to the road

close one for someone's truck
We lost electricity at 6pm and return at 1:30am... we were at a restaurant at the time of the storm,
by the time we got our order the storm had pretty well past.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slow blogging and days are long...

My blog is waning... can't come up with things..
What I have been doing lately, I can't talk about.
Or at least can't blog about. Confidentially.

The fires have been commented on all over the media.
Other than being grateful that there is none here.. and
the greatness of the men and women in the field.. which
everyone is grateful for their service.. there isn't any more
to add.

Even readership is down.. I am being hit below 20 daily.
The last high one was, the one I wrote about my brother
passing.  It is the usual thing for summers.. People have
lots to do in the summer, so all the blogs have readship
low rates.

I would take the summer off. But kind of afraid, if I get
use to not writing.. I will give it all up for good. And I
kind of like to stick it out until my 10th anniversary
in March of 2015.

So the days are long, and I am enjoying them. Even
when it is just mowing the lawn and lunches with
good friends.  Throw in fishing on weekends with
my favorite guy.. and barbeque with friends.

So hang in there, dear readers.. and those who aren't
reading because they are busy enjoying the summer,
no apologies needed.   So enjoy the summer, as it
is almost half over.. and I feel like it just got started.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning walk views...

This is part of my walk, the more enjoyable part.
Rest is just the streets and traffic..

Walking down McGhee Road

Turning off the beaten path...
Across the rocky road..

Some day.. hopefully soon.. this will be east 2nd Street 

into the open field.. still going to be part of east 2nd  street...

This showed up last Friday.. don't know if someone stole it and digged it here or what.

looking back at what use to be Coldwater Creek...

There will be more houses here... maybe next year? 
talk of it being called Boise Loop.. hope they come
up with a better name. They figure about 35 houses to the

This is our addition this year.. 7 houses so far.. with room for 4 to 5 where the field is.

I have been walking every day.. Monday thru Friday at about
7am.  I was trying to get my length stretched out to 3.4 miles
Wanted to do a 5 K walk, but didn't get in shape in time ... but
figured I would keep going to help with getting more distance.
Maybe this fall I can do a 5 K.

Trouble is I have a problem with my right hip. Ever since the
Dr. did a marrow test on me 3 years ago, and hit a nerve..
I can't get the  distance up. I can do a mile and half, fairly comfortable.
Trying to stretch it out more, by adding a block every 3 days. but
ending up limping the last 3 blocks.

Really irritates me as I use to walk alot. I could do 3 or 4 miles
with easy. And with speed.  When I was a kid, I could do between
7 to 10 miles per hour, depending on type of road.. Rocky roads
slowed me some.   And even just 4 years ago, I was doing 3.8
miles in 40 minutes.  I have always been a fast walker. And I do
start out with gusto. By about 3/4 way thru, I am slowing down.
Got to work on that.

Also I have help.. 2 Aleve's and 3 tiger balm patches or my hip
would never let me make it past the 2 block down.  Can't understand

why the exercise hasn't help this.  Got to work on it. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Not a good week.....

This has not been a good week...  Accidents, fires and planes shot down.
Heart ache for all those involved and the families at home.

Washington state has had the most.. At the same time, they had a 20
vehicle  pile up in the middle of the state.. 9 semi's and 11 cars.  Road
blocked for days.. and this is the East - West corridor to Washington.

Add to that. the fires in mid Washington State.  Now almost a week later,
they are all still burning. 4 of them, wiping out a full town. Churches,
post offices, over 100 homes.. all there is left is ashes..  There is
talk about  how the 4 might join each other, spelling out disaster for
the state.  Everyone praying for the firemen, who are working 12 to 20
hours each before getting an 8 hours off.. More firemen coming to the
state to help...  Families displaced.  Family homes, some 80 years old,
left to ashes. Others don't know their fate yet, as they had to leave and
hope and pray they have something to come home to. Animals let loose
to fend for themselves, as there wasn't enough time to transport to other
places.   Safe havens are being closed down as they are under threat
of fire as well...

And then internationally we have an innocent plane full of everyday
people shot down after it cross the borders of a country that has a
civil war going on.  It is bad enough that the people lost their love
ones in this wreck, but to watch the rebel take the bodies of their love
ones, to let strangers pick the pockets of their love ones... adds to
the agony.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Just cooling you off a bit...




Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wasted hour... the siege goes on...

I figured I would give it a try.. Getting out of Kootenai.
After all I knew the secret way out.. down my road and
then across the dirt road, connect up with McGhee Road.
And it worked. Got to the light, the flag person flagged

I went and did my errands, stopped by Walmart and
picked up a few things.. and headed for home. It was
15 to 10 am. Got a lot done.

I live 4 minutes from Walmart. 4 minutes... but it took
me almost an hour to get to my house from Walmart.
I got home at 10:35 am.

I started out and go up half way on Kootenai Cutacross
road.  Then inched up the road as each car in front gave
up the ship, and turn around.  Made it all the way up
to the tracks and across to the 3rd car in line at the light.
We all sat there... our group... the group coming from
Ponderay heading east. The light changed 6 flaming times!!

Then finally the group that was sitting across the light heading
east, moved.  The west bound was finished.  Some of the cars
moved like it was a race track... tired of sitting there for 20
or more minutes.  And lucky for my group.. some of them
were so shocked that they couldn't move. One car died and
the others were trying to get around it.  At which time the
rotation of the light was in our favor... and we got to go.

I could see the anger in the face of the woman who was first
in line on the Ponderay side of the light. She had been sitting
there way longer than we had.  Yet we were going and filling
up the space again.. so she couldn't move...for how much longer?
As the light had changed in her favor, but there was no where to go.

Now I am 3 from the rear of the group. And we wait.. and wait
in line... no cars going anywhere. Then they let some cars go,
but stopped us, as there was some cars coming down
the side road.  Now I am finally in the turn lane. And I sit.

After about 40 cars go by... I finally.. finally get the signal
to go. I floor board it like I was shot out of a cannon. Free...
Free, free at last.  Down the road, cross the secret path
and home.. An hour I will never get back.. but heard there
were a lot worse ones than mine.. And they say this work
will go on until September.. that is the bad news.. the good
news is that they should be done with what is in front of the
town in a week...  God I hope so.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Awful quiet on the western front

Is it me, or did the political scene die down?
Isn't this a election year?

I hate to say anything, as I don't want to stir
terds.. but it is awful quiet out there.

I thought there would be candidates lining up
at each event. Ads in the paper? Yard signs.

But actually I am enjoying the peace and quiet.
And I know that this is mid-term election..so not
as important. Or at least it usually isn't, but thought
the Republicans were going to be going full force
this time around.. especially the tea party ones.

But that is ok.. I can wait until summer is over..Actually
I can wait until late October.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is summer time and the roads are tore up....

We all have a love/hate of summer time..

We love the weather, we love the bar-b-ques.
We love heading to the water.. be it fishing or
swimming.  The sports are alive and well.
The cook outs, visiting... vacationing, yep...
it is all good with us.

But we HATE road construction.  the waiting in
a hot car if you aren't lucky enough to have A/C.
Or just waiting.. or if you didn't allow enough time.
you are late and not happy.

It doesn't matter if it is city, state or federal. It
all is the pits.

Here at our place, we have the state tearing up
the roads. Last week for 2 or was it 3 days of
waiting 25 minutes to get 3 miles. Getting from
the city of Hope to the City of Sandpoint took a
lot of patience. Same thing going from Ponderay
(just outside of Sandpoint) to Hope. The wait..
Then getting to go, only to have to go 3 miles and
wait again. One area, just trying to get out of the
mess, involved a turning lane light and the railroad
tracks. So if you made it thru the traffic light after
4 switches.. and thought you were free.. only to
see the gates come down and lights start for the
train that came down the tracks.. for another 10

What gets me, is the fact they tore up the end
of our road which joins the Highway, (and
every road in Kootenai) last MONTH.  So we
have gently drove on to hwy 200 over the 2 inch
cut in the road. And very gently and slowly going
off hwy 200 (and hoping the car behind you, doesn't
ram your backend as you enter the city roads).

Now they have laid out a 2 and half inch layer of
tar on the south side of the hwy 200, for 3 blocks.
That is it.. that was Thursday. Now it is Tuesday
morning.. it is still the same.  When are they coming
back to finish up the job?  And as far as I am
concern.. my humble opinion, that is... why do they
tear up something, that they aren't going to finish in
a day or two?

And don't even get me started about the junction of
Hwy 95 and Kootenai Cutacross Road... they have
been tearing up that area almost a year.. and it
doesn't seem like it is going to be done any time soon.
Don't even see workmen there anymore. And it is a maze
to drive thru on the Kootenai Cutacross side, with the
entrance of Walmart blocked off. The one that is used
the most. Surprised that Walmart hasn't complained.

Summer time and living isn't always easy..