Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is it me.... or is it TV?

It is getting harder and harder to find a show
on television to watch.

I am so CSI's out... way too many.. all the
same. just different actors... so if you don't
have a favorite actor in them.. it all seems the

Reality shows don't do it for me.. Big Brother,
Survivor and such.  Seem phony to me.

Even the singing ones are getting old. I use
to like Voice, and Idol, I lost interest in
years ago.  Some of the greater singers,
or at least to me were good are voted off,
because they aren't what the younger viewers
like.  Maybe I am too old.  Even America's
Got Talent is getting old.  I don't usually
watch them until they are down to the last bunch,
as I don't like the negativity of the people.

So now that Revenge is over and Blacklist is
out for the season.. and even Blacklist is running
out of steam.  There isn't much left. I do like
60 minutes, 48 hours, 20/20 and Dateline. But
Dateline is getting to be more of a murder ...
did they or didn't they do it show...

I don't know. Guess it is back to reading books for
a while. As I don't like the newer stuff.. I sure the
heck don't like the zombies crap. 
Not a fan of the Marvel cartoon type..

So is it me, or is it tv?  I don't know.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seneacquoteen Cemetery...

Seneacquoteen Cemetery

Out in an area that we all call Vay, there is a sweet little
cemetery. Vay, for those who are not local, is an area
between Priest River and Sagle, just south and outside of 
Sandpoint,  Idaho.

My husband who passed away in 1986 is buried there.
So is the King's mother and father.. in fact they are just
one plot away from each other.  The King's mother and
the King bought the plot for Marvin.  At that time the
cost was $50.  I have no idea what it cost now.  Won't
be finding out either, as I will have my ashes blown to
the wind by the lake and the King will have the woods
to cover with his.   Neither of us are big on cemeteries.
We aren't against them, just we believe more of ashes
to ashes to nature.

Yesterday, the King and I went out and put flowers on
our love ones graves and then attended the Memorial
Services put on by the local veteran's group.  It was
a very nice service.  Last year there was about 8 people
there. This year is the 3rd year and there was a parking
lot, and 3 lines of cars full for it.  Very nice turn out.

As we approached the cemetery, it was pouring rain
out. And then it stopped with just sprinkles while we
planted the flowers.  As the ceremony started it was
a light rain.  I heard someone mention about how they
almost didn't come because of the rain.. I turn and told
them.. You see all these vets here? Well, as far as I know,
when they were fighting for us.. they didn't stop the war
for a day or two while it rained... and started it back up
after the rain has passed. They fought thru rain, snow
and mud... and I figured it was the least that I could do was
show up here to honor those men and women.  I heard
them say...she is right.. and that is when the ceremony
started.. with a trumpet player...with it's soulful sound.

Sometimes we forget what and where our troops are
fighting and in what weather.. Too bad we only remember
on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.   Even on the 4th of
July, we are so wrapped up in parades, cook outs and etc.
We forget how and when  our country started

Thursday, May 21, 2015



57 people voted in our little town on Tuesday.
Now that is not big in the normal cities and town.
But in our little city it is big time... See the normal
off election year, council elections run from 31 to 35.
So to get 57 people to vote is so great..

AND... out of those 57 votes... 47 of them said YES !!!!

So now the coffers should have enough to do the top
5 of the selection. one of which is chip seal our roads.
This will help the council come August when they
have to figure out their budget.  The council is great
about really taking their time and doing extra meetings
to make sure not a dime is spent unwisely.  They get
so little, being the second to the last town on the tax

I am so glad the votes put in their confidence in the town
and the council persons.  THANK YOU, Kootenai


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Your feet.....

I heard a survey on the radio on my way to a friends
house.  The question you wash/scrub your
feet  or do you just like the water and what soap that
falls  take care of your feet.

It was actually a 50/50 deal.. Some swore by scrub
and some like to just wash with soap, but half of them
did nothing.. but what ever falls on them during the
shower.  Now no one mention in the tub.. the general
answers were showers..  Which could be asked..
do you take a shower or soak in the tub.  but that
is another survey.

I have to be honest.. I take the worse care of my feet.
Yes, I wash them with soap and rinse.... and yes I
am a shower person..  Can't do the tub bit, as I can't
stand to sit in water that now has my dirt of my body
in it.  The few times I did take a bath, I let the water
out and then showered off.  

Hot tubs don't appeal to me either.  A friend talked me
into the one at the club we were at.. all I could think of
was the people who were in there before.. and if they
were kids, then they peed in it too..  She said NO, they
have filter that the water circulates in..   Sorry, not
good enough for me.. I took a shower right after.

Now the King scrubs his.. takes a tiny scrapper to  his 
heels and sides of his big toe area... Puts on creams for feet.  
They just look like regular feet to me.  But I don't do all 
that.. and as I think about it, maybe that is not a good 
thing.  After all I do depend on these two items to get 
me where I want to go.
And having wore a sore on my foot when I was walking
all day in Hawaii.. I sure can relate at how much we

take our feet for granted. So maybe I should pay more attention.

HOW ABOUT YOU??? Do you take good care of your feet?  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moment of truth.....

For the past 8 months or so, several  people
have worked hard on a fair raise of taxes for our
city.   I am proud to say, one of those people was
myself..  but hardly the only one.

(for some reason this went to draft and not publish, sorry)

We met once a month.. we met an extra time to
make up a poster and folding them, and stamping
them.. to be mailed out.

Then last month, about 5 of us, went door to door, to
give the poster to the people again.. as a reminder.
Telling them to please come vote for or against this
raise.  We want the people to make a choice.... not just
a few.  We are hoping for it to pass.  Most of the doors
we taped the poster to them as the people
were not at home.. Those who were home, we told them
to read the list of the wish list for the city to use the
extra money for. 

We had dirt roads in the city of Kootenai for many years.
But thru a grant we were able to get them paved.. took
two years, as there was not quite enough to do all of the
streets.  But the city did get it done.   But now those roads
need to be chip sealed, which is more money than the
coffers have.   You see our little town tax rate is .00004.-
Second from the last of the lowest tax rate in the state.

My own place is $28 a year.. I can afford to have that raised
up to $42 approx.   We listed 10 of the top things we needed.
Putting the most urgent in the top 5.

Today, is the moment of truth. Today, is when the people
vote.  Hopefully we will get more than the usual 31 people
who vote regular.  It is not an important election that would
draw people... Just the school board and library board. Not
exactly top drawers for votes.

So here is hoping the people understand the city does need the money.  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Busy weekend and I am bushed

Car parades,  Car show, yard sales,
from Friday night to Saturday night.
Then Sunday, it was checking out
garden centers... and then afternoon
game of Mexican Train..

Yep, I am bushed.. I am not use to
this much social life in one weekend.
My weekends are usually pretty mild.
Laid back kind..  Maybe yard sales
with my daughter, and maybe lunch
or coffee's and that is about it.. With
church on Sunday. 

I am getting too old for all this excitement.
Ha..Ha...  I guess this is the start of

Yard sales, bar-b- ques, times with
friends and family... bring it on..
but pardon me, if I recharge my

batteries.. and take a nap. lol

Thursday, May 14, 2015

American Idol...the end is near

Wow, American Idol is going to the wayside.
Well, next year anyway.... so guess we get one
more to wonder who will be the one.. If you watch,
I haven't for a couple of years.

It has been on how long? 14 years I think..  So I
guess they are even it out with number 15, next year.  

When it first started, I don't think there was another
show like it.. except over in England that is... which
American copied.  

Started with Randy Jackson which was one of the
nicer but honest judge.... Who was the gal? Paula
Abdul? who was easy one everyone.. and then there
was the acid tongue of Simon Crowell..  A man who
was hated by everyone, as he was and is so full of
himself.  But as the years passed, each judge fell to
the way side... down to the 3 who are there now.
Those 3 I found to be honest, and helpful to the

So many who sang on there, and did not win,
have gone on to bigger and better things.
Jennifer Hudson I think is the one who has gone
the furthest.  And she was out at 7th place or did
she make it to #4?

But it is time to go.. it has run it's course and
entertained us well... But I don't think people
stop their lives anymore to see who has won. 
Nick Fradiani won, in case you missed it last
night...  I didn't watch this time around.. but
was watching the singers they had on last night
as nothing else was on.

There is still the Voice for those who will miss the show

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Being a grandparent....

Being a grandparent is such a trip.  One of the
things I have said, is that, having grandchildren
is the greatest revenge you have  on your
own children.

Everything that your child did, is now being
done to them.. by their own children, your

I saw a shirt that said... "If I had known that
having grandchildren was going to be so much
fun... I would have had them first."  And it is true.

I was at the small airport restaurant in R.I. and it
was really early... We, (my son, his son and myself)
were the only ones that were in there. My grandson
was about 4.  And a VERY ACTIVE boy.  He got
bored with his father and I talking and got down
from the booth.  He started at one booth and then
the next.. spilling out salt... and then sugar on to
the table. My son jumped up and yelled no, no..
and went to clean it up, only to have my grandson
hitting booth 3 by that time.  My son grabbed
him, took him back to our booth and sat him down
sternly... stay here, NOW..  I am laughing my
head off... of which my son turn to me and said..
MOM, IT ISN'T FUNNY... and I looked at him,
and said.. you have no idea how funny it is, and
won't until you get your own grandchildren. 
Which happen about 6 years ago..

Only time it isn't so much fun, is the teen years
as you see your children struggle with their
children, as they go thru the teens.  It is the
hardest part of raising children..  And it is a
long 7 years. That part isn't so much fun.. And
sometimes, that is when we grandparents have
to watch and keep our mouths shut, unless ask.
And sometimes we even have some influence
as we become sounding boards for both sides.
With out taking sides. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Looking back Tuesday....10 years ago


CRAFTS...Some people just don't have it...

I have admired people who can make things out of stuff that I probably would throw away. Or they can come up with an idea of something, just by looking at the material that is in front of them. I thought I had a pretty good imagination. I can imagine things and stories. But crafts leave me dead at the starting post. Like this past December when I came up with a project for Christmas presents. This is what I wrote to my friends.

In the great spirit of Christmas and my first year of retirement.. and at the push of friends? who seem to think anyone can do crafts if they really tried....I tried. And the greatest gift is one some one made.
Well, that is true IF 1. it is a child or 2. Someone who is gifted. It is a boldface lie when it is a adult who crafts something that looks like a child did it. But what do I know, after all my father made some fantastic wood carvings after he retired. My mother was one of the gifted. She could draw anything artist wise. She was a hellva cook. And she knitted some grand sweaters. So from these genes you would think there is a drop in my blood. But yesterday I found out for sure, what I suspected. That the gene hid until my children were born who seem to have all the talents of fore mention parents. Yes, it is true that I did a fairly good job sewing western shirts and vest when my children were young. I did them for my husband Marvin, a friend Mac, my son's and Jeanette. Made my first reversible vest for Will. Nice dark brown cord, with elk on the inside. Or the other way around if he wore it that way.
Although Jeanette said I scarred her for life because I sent her to school in a homemade western shirt. Not because it was homemade......but because the material had orange hippo and green elephants.
So two days ago, always the procrastinator, I started my attempt at Christmas present hand made. I was making...bags that you hang on a door knob or what ever and you put your grocery plastic bags in. And door draft stoppers. Now that seems innocent enough.
Sewing machines and I don't get along very well, so I sew with my grandmother's or great grandmother's 1912? portable Singer machine. This machine is suited to me... it goes forward and back. That is my sewing mentality. I cut out the material to what I wanted. The sewing went pretty well. Nothing great but fair. Until I decided to make a neck pillow for a friend. I sewed that puppy back and forth. Around that baby I went because I didn't want it to leak. 4 times around. Got the picture? I left a small hole to fill it up with. Then as I look at my handy dawns on me..... the small hole? Well, it isn't big enough to turn this baby inside out. Small little detail I missed as I swung around that last corner on my fourth round. So what to do... I decide to just cut the top off. Turn it around. And then sewed a ribbon on the top for the closure. I look at my work, as my grandson walks in and says, who are you making shorts for, they sure are small? As this is in a U shape. The ribbon looked awful!!. I tried to unstitch it. Wasn't going well....cut off with scissors. I have had enough of this.. put stuff away until the next day, as tempers are rising...Not good sewing time.
The next day I wake up and look at all the draft stoppers that are sewed and thought well, I will get going on the filling. Luckily I thought enough to fill these over the sink. I decided to use barley as it is cheaper than rice and I couldn't find wheat hulls. First stopper went pretty well. Of course, a little spillage. Then sewed the end up and one draft stopper done. Not bad... It is the short one. Then went to the long ones. Using the funnel and bowl with lip, I pour the barley in and down the funnel it goes... not bad, and of course a little spillage (yes, you can see where this is going). Fill up the bowl again..oops, the rice, just a little from the bag, leaked on the counter. Then filled up to the top and sew. Nicest and heaviest snake I ever saw with bear and moose on it. Then 2 more to go... They went like the second one.. except #4...spilled on the table a little as I am sewing it. Tried to shove the barley back in as I sewed... SNAP...goes my needle.. Found another needle, but it doesn't want to work. Well, no biggie, sew by hand. And it turn out pretty well. So I am left with the bag holders and THE NECK PILLOW. The bag holders went well. Finally settling on elastic for a loop for hanging. The the PILLOW... I sew the top by hand. Back and forth... this thing is going to hold barley so can't have leakage. Finally it looks pretty good. Go to fill it. The funnel would not fit. Hole is too small. I found a smaller funnel that would fit. BUT it would only take about 8 piece of barley at a time, my patience's doesn't do 8 pieces at a time. So got to figure out something else. I find some Styrofoam cups and cut it so I can curl it, fit the bigger funnel in, and start pouring barley... it is slow by steady, until about midway. It fell over, spilling barley on the floor. But I got it up(no, I didn't put it in the pillow, althought have to admit I thought about it... hate waste) and got it done and sewed it. Looks pretty good... looks like at least a 10 year old did it. I look around..... barley everywhere. I had tracked it into the living room as well.
So I start the clean up. About 2 pounds in the sink... 3 on the floor and 1 on the counter... The buzzer is going off on the dryer... my husband walks in... looks at the mess.......he knows not to ask questions... looks at the pillow.. "interesting" he says.... Now the real test. I am giving the pillow to one of the friends who suggested that homemade gifts are the best. WE SHALL SEE....
Well, got to go..... clean up more barley.... I think this stuff is going to haunt me... like christmas fir needles that you find in July. So continue making your crafts, and I will appreciate them, but I don't think I will be joining you, thank you.
The update of this, is that everyone said they liked my "gifts". I wonder where they keep them until I come over, ha ha...
So you see, others look at a blank piece of paper and see ..... airplanes, snow flakes, and all kinds of things... I see a blank piece of paper and wonder what can I write on it... or it is just a blank piece of paper.
So see you at the arts and craft shows of the year.... I will love your crafts..